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4.4.2004.23.45.39 Benjamin Tan



Thanks D&Q for etching this paradise in my memory to treasure for the rest of my life.
As surely as NE monsoon blows, I will return Sean  


=) Firstly Thank uncle Derrick and auntie Queenie for such a wonderful experience.

Had a totally awesome and fruitful time during the 3 days.

First hand experience at catching fishes and a guided tour around the untouched coral reefs.
A real eye opener to the Ocean reef world. Such a get away is what i call a one in a life time experience no where else but with Deutzia Nautical. Julia


Hello!! You uploaded the photos really fast. Nice pics. : ) hahah.
Anyway, i'll never eat fishes and swim in the sea the same way again.
I miss both of u. =)  Hans van der Velden


Hi Derick,

Great pictures of the boys, Aaron, Mathew and Michael.
Wish I could have been there, next time when Paul has hair again
we organise a fishing party ...

Thanks for the good care,
Hans (Michael's Dad )  Watanabe


Hello! Derrick&Queenie!

We were happy to see you again. And thank you for your hospitality.

We are bad at speaking English but, had a good time by grace of you!

Today,I uploaded your pictures on my HP. So,If you have some time, Please check it.

We are looking forward to seeing you again !  Katsu & Junko


It was lots of fun to find a great memory in Bidong & Kara again, and both of us are really happy being there with you!

To our unexpected surprise, found lots of NEMO, and some great NAPOLEON FISH!!
We never forget your kind hospitality, and are sure to join you again.
Please take good care of yourself.  Jian Feng


It is fantastic, a lot of funs in the two-day trip, especially for my son Fu Xi, from scaring to enjoying, he made a great progress, and now he is looking forward to next time =), my wife and I too  Kong


Hi, Thanks for your kind hospitality and had enjoyed the trip greatly.
Will be looking forward to join you again...=)=)=)  Hoo

California, Chicago  

Holy Shit! If I had known of this much pampering, I'd have come here long ago...
Except for none foot or a full body massage, this is heaven on earth. Nice local cuisine, tropical fruits, vulnerable fishes...nice people and relaxing environment...The only problem is - I don't feel like working anymore...arghhh!!!
8)  si ying 


Dear uncle Derek and auntie Quee,

We had a wonderful time on your boat.
We enjoyed fishing, snorkelling, the snacks(fruits) and .....EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Oh yeah... except the sea cucumber you brought onto the boat.It was kind of gross.
We would love to come again sometime soon. Thank you very much!! =)8);)

From Zhan Hao, Si Ying, Si Qi  Wellman


5 star service and company. i never thought fishing can be so enjoyable for all ages. will strongly recommend to all my friends=)=)





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical