Our new Jetty 2008 



catch a glimpse of the beautiful Redang and the southern islands around here....





since coming here, one of my pastimes is to capture some of the local scenes 





as the weather gets quite unpredictable these days....

we decided to set up a weather watch station 

to monitor the weather and sea conditions over here ..







Sea sickness can be a real pain 

and everybody knows how it can spoil your day at sea.  

Some overcome it and continue to enjoy the trip, others feel simply miserable for the whole trip. 




" After the fall of the saigon in the Summer of 1975, 

hundreds of thousands of people began fleeing the country "for fear of political persecution". 

They were all secretly escaping the country in small, rickety and unseaworthly 

wooden boat across the gulf of Thailand or the South China Sea. Most were completly unsuited to the open sea, giving rise to the term "Boat people." Some even escaped by foot through the Cambodian jungle.....

a Total of 254,495 had come upon the shores of Malaysia. " 

During their stay in Malaysia, a large number of them stayed on the island of Bidong. 

We visited the site in 2003. 

here are some of our shots..


Special Feature....Vietnamese Village at P.Bidong







During one of our drives around the kampong, 

we spotted this fruit that has the "seed" outside the "fruit" ....

we have all eaten it but...how many of us know how it's like on the tree ??











1 Mar 2008 9am



Accordingly to the brochures by the Tourism of Malaysia,

"Pulau Duyong" is the most well-known boat building 

ground in Terengganu. 








Pulau Duyong, 

a little island below the Sultan Mahmud Bridge, 

along Kuala Terengganu, where the famous traditional boat building is ...  

here, we find no sophistication nor high tech machinery, 

just a simple rustic kampong 

on the fringe of the buzzing Kuala Terengganu town.






Merang is a small, simple fishing village 

northeast of Kuala Terengganu, West Malaysia. 

It is the ferry boarding point for Pulau. Redang and Lang Tengah islands 



oops.... I mean the King of Fruits...Durian

Lorry loads of durians lining the street all the way from Town to Merang...





since 2004, we have been monitoring 

the arrival of the North East Monsoon over at Merang



Monsoon 2004

Monsoon 2005

Monsoon 2006

Monsoon 2007


For a week or 2 in February, 

these Giant Prawns will swim up river ...

the locals will line our jetty with picnic baskets with their family...

hook sufficient prawns for the day and then head back home to enjoy the catch ...

they will come back again the next day for the day's dinner..

what a life..







In May 03, we've got ourselves a brand new private jetty and a big piece of land behind it.

The next time you are here, you will get to enjoy this exclusivity ..

no more jostling with the crowds...

& for the adventurous...

bring your sleeping bags & tents,

you are most welcome to camp out at our Jetty..

plenty of natural resources available..

check it out !




have boat will travel......deutzia nautical