BillFish - a  Perfect  Sendoff


For 2 days, the sea was just teasing ...

a few strikes now and then with absolutely nothing landed....

On the last day....all hell broke loose ......

Within the first 3 hours ...

Datuk Fluit & Marc's adrenaline was kept sky high with   :

a   MARLIN  of >  2 M  jumped twice within 30m from the stern ! 

a strike & fight with a  SAILFISH  of    195cm  , weighing  52kg   for   30 minutes   ! 

a strike & fight with a   MARLIN   of  about   1.5M 

a strike & fight with yet another   SAILFISH  of   220cm   weighing   63Kg   for   60 minutes



We are happy for you ! 











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billfish roll of honor




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