4 SailFish Strikes!


Datuk & Datin Fluit were here for 

a short weekend getaway..

W H O A .... what a getaway !!

4 STRIKES of SAILFISH in one morning !


He landed one the usual cool & collect manner ;

despite the beauty diving and prancing so hyper-actively !

The skipper had to move the boat along just to keep up with its amazing pace ! 

Then, it's battling with the Dorados ....

he teased the Dorados 

they came back in shoals to tease him back ...

oh boy, 

& we poor fellows had such a hard time 

catching baits for the battle !! 


To round off the weekend,

his favourite Barra came by just to say "Hi" ...

His driver awaiting eagerly at the jetty : " No Fish, Datuk ?? "

"yah... No fish" !!

' C O Z . . .

it's a C & R weekend of 

a 2.1m SailFish , more than a dozen Doradoes , and a good old Barra ! 


Thanks for the great weekend, Datuk Fluit...

have a great vacation !

and take care ! 



whoa....wow... the bill !! 


The Sailfish wasn't even hooked !! 

it's bill was just entwined with the line !! 


sure, was he busy !! 


dorado, dorado !!





amazing !




another strike !










thanks for the fun .... here you go !! 


good old Barra just need to say Hi !!



see our latest 

billfish roll of honor



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