Ong had an unexpected fight of his life...

the grouper angler fought a 3 metre Sailfish standing up all the time ! 

spectacular sights when the sailfish shot up, spun around and tail walk on the water ! 


W H O A !!!   W H O A !!    W H O A !! 


the boat came alive ! 

port, starboard, port, starboard....as we gave chase for at least half hour ! 

yells and cheers of excitement on the boat ! 

Ong, after years of fishing.....this is your deserving treat !! 

although it took a while for the thrill to sink into you ! ha ha ....

well done !!! 




Wine on the house !! 









the hook was just dangling on the bill.....that's great !! 


Ong's proud moments ! 

and latest addition to our billfish roll of honor !


nursed and went...thanks for the spectacular moments!! 






Kayak expedition around Bidong 








have boat will travel......deutzia nautical