...f i s h i n g !!.....

unanimous echo from the kids !


hmm.. doesn't this sound familiar ?

ha ha.. it sure does....

the same bunch of kids 

that cleaned up our grouper farm last year !

is back ...to live with nature and to bash the nature too !


Chuan Choon, Brenda, Low, Kim and Grandma....

and the adorable kids ....Choon Han, Yan Yi, Lester, Teris, Johnathan and little lennon !

thank you so much for spending your vacation with us once again !! 

Kids.... we miss you already !

















how can the fish run ?...when you have Johnathan's luck and uncle Low's skill !






Low's dream for the trip !!





Johnathan's proud catch !!

Johnathan...remember ....laugh ..don't smile ok :)  !


lester...don't forget your pill next time ok !


don't meddle with our power ranger man !


yan yi.....thanks for the hello !


Teris...our star angler  !





grandma....thank you for the bak chang !!

this is the first time we get to enjoy bak chang in Merang during dumpling festival !















cc, good to see you again ! 








it's amazing how these city kids are so comfortable with Kampung life !



















brenda and kim, the ladies behind these lovely kids !




...the incredibly cheeky and charming lennon........



have boat will travel......deutzia nautical