One was born on the island, the other's parents met on the island :) ! 

that's what drew both Tien and My-le to the island of Pulau Bidong ! 

a nostalgic trip to see the place where they came from !



Tien, Chen, My-le and Eddy, 

thank you for bringing such beautiful weather, lovely sea condition 

and your warm friendship 

on our very first charter of the season ! 

Take care and keep in touch 





the new jetty at Pulau Bidong...boy, are we impressed !




















thanks eddy for the CNR...catch n release !






























here's the link to our page with the special writeup on Pulau Bidong in 2003..

I've uploaded a few more pictures of the church, temple and the hospital 

which is gone by now 





have boat will travel......deutzia nautical