ok..."rope monster" it shall be....

we have with us a bunch of army boys and their galfriends ! 


die hard fishing enthusiasts they are ....

after a quick dip in the water, 

claimed to see a barracuda chasing after their friend :) !

perfect excuse to do "just fishing and nothing but fishing ! " ...


well, they are certainly blessed 

with 3 days of lovely sun and light breeze .. 

bountiful catch for home ....

& some excitement with CnR 

and food too....thaya ?? 


cordelia, gabriel, elaine, brandon, melissa, raj, 

naina, thaya, john and adam

thank you so much for being with us...

we hope you had a great time !!



















brandon's first dorado ! ....

..thanks for the CnR








 gabriel with his proud catch ...

the catch that finally justified his indulgence !











then it's poor man's marlin time....

CnR...thanks folks..












the 3 nice guys who bring fishes home for everybody !



don't leave home without naina....our big, strong and witty man !






this guy found a sweet spot on our boat !






these ladies are not losing out either 


....when the ladies took over the trolling...the line ran in just barely 5 mins !



whoa look at that ! 

making the guys drool.....




oops....."rope monster" :(  

ha ha ....



adam's last attempt before we ran to catch the tide ! 


feast time ! 












have boat will travel......deutzia nautical