yesterday we took a drive out to test the condition of the river mouth ...

driving out from the river...the sand bank blocking the river mouth


the narrow channel for going out....with sand banks eating into its path


the dredger that took one season to dredge a new channel last year..


flash back to November 2008


then to June 2009

a new channel was dug close to the shore 

and sand dumped to cover the only river mouth ?

the new channel opened in September last year, 

a month before the close of the season


now..2010 .... 

the "new channel" is fully covered by sand ....

the dredger was back a few weeks ago....but after a few days at site...

oops gave up ??...



back to this good old river mouth 

(and the new mountain of sand banks)

which used to be accessible at tide of 0.7 two years ago, 

is only accessible at tide of 1.5 now. 






river mouth at highest tide of 2.2 yesterday

it's no wonder some resorts moved their boarding pt to Kuala Terengganu

which makes the trip to redang twice as long ! 

what will they think of next ?...






have boat will travel......deutzia nautical